With the founding of the Museum of Natural History (MNH) at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) the former Department of Botany Herbarium (CAHUP) has been transferred to this. This required the establishment of another herbarium to cater to the increasing need by courses in systematics of the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS), UPLB. Thus, in 1999, the birth of the IBS Herbarium (PBDH). It is used for six more or less advanced courses in biodiversity, botany, ecology, and systematics. It is also the repository of documentation on the flora of Mt Makiling and vicinity. Mount Makiling is the best scientifically studied mountain of the country, materials dating back to the time of the Malaspina Expedition in 1789. Prominent collectors were W.H. Brown, E.B. Copeland, H. Cuming, A.D.E. Elmer, A. Loher, C.G. Matthews, E.D. Merrill, C. Pickering, and many others. Those after WW II are listed below.