As an integrated part of the highly successful second Flora Malesiana Symposium held in Yogyakarta from 7—12 September 1992, a workshop on four major aspects included in the Flora Malesiana Action Plan (viz.: 1. Fund raising; 2. Recruitment of new authors; 3. Training and exchange programmes; 4. Flora Malesiana Checklist) was conducted on 11 and 12 September. On 11 September four groups discussed these items under the chairmanships of respectively John Burley, Marco Roos, Mien Rifai, and Peter van Welzen. The discussion group on training attracted by far the largest number of participants. Recommendations by the discussion groups were submitted to a plenary session on 12 September, chaired by Pieter Baas. The resulting recommendations to the Board of the Flora Malesiana Foundation and to all with an interest in the plant diversity of the Malesian region were unanimously adopted.