IAWA Bulletin, New Series. Quarterly periodical of the International Association of Wood Anatomists. Annual subscriptions Dfl. 40.00 (Dfl. 30.00 for personal members of IAWA). Volume 1, 1980. From its foundation in 1931 the International Association of Wood Anatomists has promoted international contacts through the publication of News Letters, which were later transformed into a News Bulletin, also containing review articles. From 1970 onwards a more pretentious IAWA Bulletin made its appearance, which not only aimed at publishing notes, requests and review articles, but also original scientific publications. The latter category increased in relative importance, and forced the editors to change from the large, yet rather unprofessional magazin size to that of a normal scientific journal, adopting a volume numbering under a New Series, to avoid confusion with the previous volumes. The New Series will contain a minimum of 160 pages of double column, rather small print, thus offering ’good value’ for the present low price. The paper is of a high glossy quality to secure optimal reproduction of photomicrographs, which are essential ingredients for wood anatomical papers.