Bibliographic botanique indochinoise de 1986 à 1993 by J.E. Vidal, H. Falaise, Phan Ke Loc and Nguyen Thi Ky makes this serial now as up to date as possible. The entrees are arranged alphabetically by author, with cross indexes on subjects, taxonomic names, and periodicals. Botanical inventory of Mount Kinabalu — The project to inventory the flora of Mount Kinabalu has been in progress for nine years, during which time enumerations of the pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and orchids, about two-fifths of the flora of c. 4,500 species, have been published. The north side of the mountain has received scant botanical attention, as noted by Van Steenis over 30 years ago, and native collectors are now being employed to obtain specimens from that area. A specimen database of over 20,000 records has been developed and made available on the Internet. Other relational specimen and taxon files will be prepared, from which a camera-ready copy of the remaining segments of the enumeration will be produced. Dr. C. Anderson (MICH) is providing extensive help in the project by preparing treatments for various dicot families. About 40 other collaborators are contributing data for taxa in their area of expertise.