I have been asked by friends concerning the photographic equipment, especially for close-ups, which I took with me, my experience of photography in the tropics and the results. One can learn useful information from the concise pamphlet ”Photography in the Tropics” (Kodak Data Booklet GN-5). The present notes on practicing actual picture-taking in the humid and hot climate could serve as a reference to fellow botanists who for the first time make a trip to the tropics and would like to take photographs, especially close-ups. For travelling abroad, I have tried to keep my photographic equipment as simple and light as possible. Since I used Exakta as my work-horse, I took two bodies of it with interchangeable viewers. The lenses consist of one each of 35 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm, and 135 mm (in short mount, used on Novoflex bellows II), and a Steinheil photo-monocular (6 x 30; can be used as field glass or attached to the 50 mm lens to extend its focal length to 300 mm).