The database system which is presently implemented in the Rijksherbarium/Hortus Botanicus, called LBASE, will also serve as the future databank for the Flora Malesiana project. The system will contain information about specimens, persons, literature, taxa, and nomenclature. LBASE can serve many functions such as generating literature/nomenclature headings above descriptions, identification lists, listings of vernacular names, distribution maps, etc; but also administrative functions for library and collection maintenance. Data capture will be from existing databases, current revisions, and new/loan material. Data from earlier revisions will only be added if additional funding becomes available. In the future LBASE may grow into some kind of expert system with possibilities for automatic descriptions, key-construction, and (on-line) facilities for identification. One of the major aims of the database system is to speed up the Flora Malesiana project by providing easily accessible information and by combining data and offering those ready for printing. Participants of the Flora Malesiana project will have free access to the data.