Austrobaileya replaces the Contributions from the Queensland Herbarium, and was devised to accommodate also shorter taxonomic notes. The Contributions amount to 20 numbers, with one article each; a cumulative index of names is in no 20, p. 73-88. In format and execution Austrobaileya resembles its predecessor but the useful page heads should be retained. Volume 1 number 1 (1977) was received in March 1978. It carries 9 papers on 74 pages, and a map with subdivisions of Queensland on the back flap. Frequency and price are unknown. Editor: L. Pedley, Queensland Herbarium, Meiers Road, Indooroopilly, Qld. 4068, Australia. Brunonia replaces Contributions from Herbarium Australiense or rather seems a continuation of it in the same scope under a new name, and paged through per volume. The first issue appeared on 24 February 1978, it has 129 pages, carrying 11 papers. It will be ”issued at irregular intervals”. Subscription is A$ 10 per annum. Editor is B.J. Walby, CSIRO, Box 89, East Melbourne, Vic. 3002, Australia.