MOGEA, J.P., D. GANDAWIDJAJA, H. WIRIADINATA, R.E. NASUTION & IRAWATI. 2001. Tumbuhan langka Indonesia (Rare plants of Indonesia). 86 pp, illus. Puslitbang Biologi-LIPI. ISBN 979-579-036-6 (In Bahasa Indonesia). This is an illustrated guide to and descriptions of 40 rare or endangered plants of Indonesia. Not surprisingly several species of Aquilaria, mercilessly sought after for their scented wood (gaharu), are included as well as several species of orchids and Rafflesia, of which habitat destruction is the main threat. This is also true for Amorphophallus titanum which, by the way, has been successfully propagated by seeds in the Leiden Botanical Garden, alongside other species of the genus.