The following is an author’s summary of the (as yet unpublished) thesis by Dr. J.A.R. Anderson of Kuching, Sarawak (see III. Personal news). Both the author and botanical science are to be congratulated with the completion of this important work, which we hope before long to see in print. The thesis embodies the results of botanical and ecological work on the coastal and deltaic peat swamp forests of Sarawak and Brunei undertaken intermittently over a period of ten years. Profiles of peat swamps have been prepared from the results of the level surveys and peat borings. A characteristic raised bog structure has been found in all swamps. A bog plain is usually present, and is most extensive on more inland swamps. The peat soils are markedly acidic and oligotrophia. Preliminary results from measurements of the stilted water table indicate that variations are more pronounced in the centre of swamps than near the margins. A comprehensive collection of botanical specimens of all flowering plants, ferns and fern allies has been made; 242 tree species have been recorded, and it is considered that knowledge on the representation of the arboreal flora is virtually complete.