Among the main events for the Foundation in 1951 was the completion of the Trustees which now consist of: Prof. Ir Kusnoto, Bogor, president Prof. Dr H.J. Lam, Leyden, 1st deputy president Dr M.A. Donk, Bogor, 2nd deputy president Prof. Dr E.D. Merrill, Jamaica Plain (Mass.), U.S.A., member Prof. Dr C. Skottsberg, Stockholm, member Drs C.A.C.M. van Oppen, Djakarta, member The Trustees of Leyden University officially recognized the Foundation to work in the Rijksherbarium at Leyden. In addition to the Constitution a draft has been prepared of the By-Laws. In December 1951 the third part of volume four of Flora Malesiana was issued.