9th Pacific Science Congress, Bangkok. According to the Preliminary Announcement the Congress will take place Nov. 18- —Dec. 9, 1957. Organising chairman is M.C. Lak Kashemsanta, Dep. of Agriculture, Bangkok. Fifteen general subjects have been entered for contributing papers and discussion, viz: (a) Problems confronting tropical botanical institutions, (b) Vegetation types of the Pacific basin, (1) Tropical, (2) Temperate, (c) Ethnobotany of Thailand and contiguous countries, (d) Vernacular names of Pacific plants. (e) Phycology in the Pacific basin. (f) Algal ecology, with special reference to coral reefs and atolls. (g) Bibliographic problems in the natural sciences in the Pacific. (h) The teaching of botany and the training of botanists in the tropics. (i) Systematics, evolution and distribution of Pacific plants, (j) Botany of medical plants in the Pacific basin, (k) Forest botany in the Pacific basin. (l) Botany of agricultural plants and weeds. (m) Plant ecology in the Pacific. (n) Mycology and phytopathology in the Pacific. (o) Plant physiology in the Pacific. Besides, a special symposium on Climate, Vegetation, and Land Utilization in the Humid Tropics, sponsored by Unesco, will be convened by Dr F.R. Fosberg.