Blatter, E. & W.S. Milliard. Some beautiful Indian trees. 2nd edition revised by W.T. Steam. Publ. by Bombay Natural History Society, Bombay, India. March 3, 1955. 8°. i-xv, 1-165 pp., 43 photogr., 31 coloured plates, and text-figures; clothbound. Sh. 30/- net. A simple, illustrated guide to some of the most beautiful flowering trees to be seen in India and Pakistan. It should be of use and interest throughout the tropics as most of the plants treated are grown as ornamentals outside their native country. Thirty nine species have been fully described with accurate synonymy, and notes on distribution, gardening, uses, economic value, vernaculars, domestic uses, medicinal properties, ethnobotany, and ecology of leafshedding, flowering and fruiting seasons. In some cases also closely related species are briefly indicated or described. In appendices descriptions are given of families represented, further a key to the genera, a glossary of some botanic terms, and a bibliography to some sources of further information. An index concludes this very attractive, nicely executed, and relatively very cheap book which is a valuable educative tool to laymen and those interested in gardening in the tropics. It contains much concise adequate information on the plants treated. In a way it is a counterpart to Bor & Raizada’s Some beautiful Indian climbers and shrubs, published by the same Society.