History. In order to understand its present function, a short historical account is necessary. Bibliotheca Bogoriensis is the oldest science library in Indonesia, established in 1842 at the proposal of J.K. Hasskarl, assistant hortulanus of the ’s-Lands Plantentuin in Buitenzorg, West Java (now called Kebun Raya Indonesia Bogor). The very first 25 books were bought from Dr. Jacques Pierot, a botanist who was sent by the Dutch Government to China. Ever since many visiting botanists left or sold their book collection, the reason why Bibliotheca avails of fine old antiquarian books in the field of botany. Among the library’s treasures are the reprint collection belonging to Melchior Treub with his own hand-written catalogue, as well as his correspondence, and all his awards received from many countries and scientific societies in the world.