Abstracts of papers presented at the meetings of the Botanical Society of America, in Am. J. Bot. 49 (1962), as far as these relate to Malaysian botany. Author’s addresses are found in the Journal. Canright, J.E. & M.P. Paden: Contributions of pollen morphology to the phylogeny of the Annonaceae, Eupomatiaceae, and Myristicaceae: p. 674. -— Palynological evidence supports Sinclair’s view that Desmos and Dasymaschalon should be merged. The African genera Isolona and Monodora, however, should probably be placed wider apart as their grouping together in the Monodoroideae seems unnatural. Palynologically as well as anatomically, Eupomatia is suspected not to link Annonaceae with Eupomatiaceae as Hutchinson suggested. Relationship of Myristicaceae with Annonaceae is confirmed.