Dr. Si He (MO) has put an annotated list of Thai mosses on the web. Especially many Peninsular species are Malesian as well. The introductory chapters are of general botanical interest. http://www.mobot.org/MOBOT/moss/Thailand/thailand.htm Dr. A. Touw (L) has started a survey of all 19th century specimens of Musci from Indonesia kept at L, in order to trace and mark original specimens of the c. 350 new species and varieties described by F. Dozy, C.F. Hornschuch, J.H. Molkenboer, C.G.C. Reinwardt, R.B. van den Bosch, and C.M. van der Sande Lacoste. This matter has become urgent because of the future loss of local expertise resulting from the discontinuation of research on extra-European bryophytes at L.