BEAMAN, J. (MICH) received the Michigan State University College of Natural Science’s Distinguished Faculty Award for many accomplishments relating to research, teaching, identification and cataloging of plants, as well as the successes of his former students. BELTJENS, PETRUS LEONARD HUBERTUS (25 August 1901, Roermond, The Netherlands – 1 August 1965, Heerlen, The Netherlands). — Catholic priest of the S.V.D. order. Flores: March-October 1930, June 1933-May 1942; Celebes: May 1942 (Pare Bare) to September 1945 (Kampili); Flores: September 1945-October 1948. Collected mosses (and perhaps other plants) around Todabalu, Flores, in 1933. Between 1950 and 1960 visits to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea for visual recordings.