Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Sér. 5, Botanique. Cf. Wood ex Tennant, Kew Bull. 16 (1963) 410-411. From the dates reproduced it is seen that part 1 was billed in November 1868; it is assumed that this puts the publication date of the whole volume after that of vol. 1 of ’The Flora of Tropical Africa’. Forster, J.R. & Forster, J.G.A., Characteres generum plantarum, etc. 1st ed. 1775. Folio. Cf. Harold St. John, Natur.Canad. 98 (1971) 561-581. The well-known quarto edition 1776 has been found to have been issued on March 1, 1776; another edition, also dated 1776, was printed in long folio format, and seems to have existed of 8 copies (elsewhere recorded 25 copies). Actually these were 2nd editions.