Precursor publications by the author are in press or in preparation prior to a treatment of the mistletoe families Loranthaceae and Viscaceae for the Flora Malesiana. The provisional keys to genera set out below is offered as an indication of the genera which are accepted for the region. Comments on the key, and advice on difficulties or inconsistencies will be welcomed by the author. A preliminary specimen identification list includes about 4,000 records, mostly captured from collections in L, and the author can check determinations against this list on request. The most recent comprehensive treatment of Loranthaceae for the region is that by Danser [Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg. III, 11 (1931) 233-519]. This paper includes within the Loranthaceae the subfamilies Loranthoideae and Viscoideae, but the two differ in many respects, and are now generally treated as a distinct families, the Loranthaceae s.s. and the Viscaceae.