It is a pleasure to announce the appearance of ”The Gardens’ Bulletin, Singapore” in continuance of the widely appreciated ”The Gardens’ Bulletin, Straits Settlements”. The latter periodical was discontinued after volume XI, part 3, published Aug. 30, 1941 had appeared. Vol. XI, part 4, issued Sept. 30th, 1947 contains a concise history of the Singapore Botanic Gardens during the period 1941-1946. We are obliged for permission to reprint that important communication in this Bulletin. The Gardens regret the loss of Mr J.C. Nauen, an officer of outstanding ability in charge of the Waterfall Gardens, Penang. He was taken prisoner by the Japanese and died on the Siam-Burma railroad, Oct. 1943. Messrs Holttum and Henderson prepared some important contributions on Filicales, Orchidaceae, Cyperaceae, Gramineae, and on Eugenia respectively.