A great event has been the publication of Volume 12/2 of Flora Malesiana, comprising the treatments of the Ceasalpiniaceae (Ding Hou, K. Larsen and S.S. Larsen), the Geitonoplesiaceae (J.E. Laferrière), the Hernandiaceae (B.E.E. Duyfjes) and the Lowiaceae (K. Larsen). The revision of the Caesalpiniaceae, the second (sub)family of the Legumes published in FM, treats the 200 indigenous as well as 42 much-cultivated species. The Geitonoplesiaceae were recently described as a separate family and comprise two monotypic genera. The other two families are also small-sized with 13 and 6 Malesian species respectively. All authors are complimented with their contribution to the progress in Flora Malesiana.