By January 1977 the following families in Flora Malesiana manuscript were about ready for the press: Anacardiaceae, Bignoniaceae, Cornaceae, Crypteroniaceae, Iridaceae, Labiatae, Lentibulariaceae, Onagraceae, Symplocaceae, and Ulmaceae. In the middle of the year, the Cunoniaceae are expected to be completed. Together these revisions will be published in the course of 1977 in two instalments, completing Volume 8. Of Series ii Pteridophytes, a 4th instalment will also be published during 1977: the Lomariopsis Group. Volume 7 was completed, with Title Page, Dedication to H.J. Lam, Addenda, Index, and binding in the second half of 1976. If you so far have not received all parts, contact Academic Book Services, Box 66, Groningen, The Netherlands.