Flora of West tropical Africa. A new edition of Hutchinson and Dalziel’s useful work is being prepared by Mr R.W.J. Keay (assisted by Mr F.N. Hepper). Part 1, containing the introductory matter, Gymnosperms and families Annonaceae to Guttiferae appeared August 1954; obtainable from the Crown Agents London (sh. 25.-). Flora of Tropical East Africa. Under supervision of Drs E. Milne-Redhead W.B. Turrill this new Flora is now well in progress. Its shape is as concise as possible under the circumstances. Up to May 1954 9 instalments have appeared each treating a separate family, viz Ranunculaceae, Oleaceae, Marantaceae, Tropaceae, Onagraceae, Hypericaceae, Turneraceae, Pedaliaceae, Chenopodiaceae. There is also a special glossary and foreword and preface with a list of abbreviations. This promises to be a very critical flora.