Currently both those teaching and those learning about phylogenies face a variety of problems. There are several systems to chose from, yet there is no explicitly phylogenetic system (in the sense of recognizing only strictly monophyletic groups) where all those groups are described. Conventional family descriptions are long, and present a formidable challenge to somebody trying to learn about the family. This website attempts to deal with such problems. It is a web-based treatment of all flowering plant families and orders that very largely follows the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG) system (APG, 1998, 2002). It contains characterizations of all plant families, some infrafamilial groups, and most of the well-supported nodes above the level of family including those formally recognized as orders. The characterizations consist of hierarchically organized information (see below), and are linked to trees. Associated material consists of a brief discussion of the characters used, indexes of familial and ordinal names, and a bibliography, as well as links to photographs, lists of genera, and other sites.