After the highly successful Flora Malesiana Symposium at the Rijksherbarium in August 1989 a special Workshop on the Flora Malesiana was held. Both the Proceedings of the Symposium and those of the Workshop are expected to appear this year. The Bulletin itself was felt to be an indispensable tool for local botanists and many complimentary words were spoken to its Editor (thanks!). Nevertheless, in a later evaluation at the Rijksherbarium, it was felt that the Bulletin contained information and a bibliography not always relevant to the plant taxonomy of the area. Hence this issue shows some changes. Some chapters have been merged and others deleted altogether. The one on New Records was not the success that we had expected as hardly any information was received from outside the Rijksherbarium. The one on Nature Conservation, after long deliberation, was also canceled. It is not, because the cause would not be high on our hearts, but it was felt that in this field there are now excellent other journals, which deal more directly, timely, and effectively with the matter than an annual publication can do. The Chapter on future Symposia could as well be omitted, as information about these is usually published at too short a notice for readers to reserve time and obtain funds to attend the event.