Messrs. B. Busu, M. Data, A. Kanir, A. Kasim, D. Sabri, K. Saleh, and K. Mat-Salleh (UKMB) collected about 80 numbers along the trail to Bukit Kabut, Temenggor Forest Reserve, Ulu Perak, Perak, between 21-28 August, 1994. Later, between 7-9 November, 1994, B. Busu, M. Data, J. Dransfield, and L.G. Saw collected about 100 gather ings, mainly palms. In 1994 Mr. A. Zainudin Ibrahim and co-workers (UKMB) collected 39 numbers at Bukit Kodiang (Kedah), 32 at Cameron Highlands (Pahang), 49 at Kuala Lompat Wildlife Reserve (Pahang), 60 at Pulau Langkawi (Kedah), and 136 at Taman Negara (National Park).