A Weed Flora of Samoa has been started by Mr. Art Whistler at Honolulu, where he is also revising Christophersen’s Flora of Samoa. These manuscripts will be concluded before long; Mr. Whistler hopes to continue his work on Samoa, and to produce a few things for popular use, to be illustrated with photographs. The island will remain a focus of interest for the Bishop Museum in the next years. Monographia Cormophytarum Sinicarum. A project to publish an iconography of Chinese Cormophyta in 5 volumes. Vols. 1 to 2 contains descriptions of nearly 4000 species. The complete work will deal with some 10,000 species. The text is in Chinese and Latin. The illustrations are of excellent quality. They are simple but very effective and often very artistically drawn line drawings of the general habit of the plants, with additional analytical details. The pictures are very useful for rapid identification. Vol. 1: Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperma, and the archilamydaceous families Casuarinaceae to Hernandiaceae in Engler’s system. The second volume has the sequence Papaveraceae through Cornaceae. Standing orders DM 320 are invited by Otto Koeltz Antiquariat, P.O. Box 129, D-624 Koenigstein-Ts., West Germany.