Every morning, the Saturdays included, the bright green VW beetle can be seen parked near the Rijksherbarium. It is there usually till after five, when most of the active staff have gone already. Its owner was born on 31 October 1901, and hence later this year will reach the age of 80. In 1947, he established this Bulletin. From his recent book Rheophytes of the World (see Van Steenis, under Reviews), the cover illustration of this issue was taken. With-its strong roots, tough body, finding hard conditions indispensable to flourish and be in command of his habitat, this rheophyte could symbolize the author of that book. His vitality is such that it is never mentioned; it is accepted as a matter of course. To tactful questions on how he would like to celebrate his birthday, he answered that he did not care for public exposure. He did, however, consent to attending a symposium in his honour. This will be a Dutch affair, to be organized by the Committee on Plant Taxonomy and Plant Geography of the Royal Netherlands Botanical Society, on November 1981. The theme will be ’Plant Systematics and Phytogeography of Malesia, and its Relations to other Parts of the World’. Twelve speakers have been found. There will be a reception, and perhaps an Indonesian Rijsttafel with Rijksherbarium staff. We congratulate him and Mrs. M.J. van Steenis-Kruseman, and wish them well! Flora Malesiana parts did not come from the press during 1980, but series ii Volume 1 Part 5 is in page proof and may be published at about the same time as the present Bulletin issue. It deals with the formidable fern family Thelypteridaceae, 22 genera with 413 species, by R.E. Holttum, in pages 331-560. As this part completes the volume, there will be a Dedication, to Carl Christensen, 15 pages, also by Holttum, some Additions and Corrections, and the Index. Orders can be placed with Sijthoff-Noordhoff, Box 4, Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands.