As of 19 December 1997, the Christensen Research Institute (CRI) has ceased operations. The Institute has been forced to close due to financial mismanagement during the years 1995 and 1996, for which the audits have been qualified. The CRI is no longer in a position to receive tax-exempt funds or donations from overseas due to these qualifications, and is therefore unable to continue as a going concern. The former Director, Dr. L.J. Orsak, was dismissed in August 1997. The matter has been referred to the police for further investigation. The Institute would like to apologize to past and present staff members for the loss of their livelihoods, to the Mituntibun Family Landowner Group and the people of Riwo village, to the people of Baitabag village, to scientists and NGOs who had been planning work or meetings at CRI, and to the following agencies or grant-giving bodies to whom agreements, promised products or services were not delivered in full, including the British High Commission, Conservation Melanesia, CUSO, Department of Environment and Conservation, GDS, GEF, GTZ-LOAP, the MacArthur Foundation, New Zealand High Commission, OED, the PNG Biological Foundation, the PNG-IMR, the United Nations Development Programme, and WWF-Fiji.