Accessibility of the Buitenzorg Herbarium. – In Blumea 6, p. 307 (1948), bottom of the page, it is mentioned that the Buitenzorg Herbarium is ”as yet inaccessible”. The author wrote this article apparently under war-time conditions and neglected to omit this statement which is now obsolete. In order to avoid confusion it may be announced that the Buitenzorg Herbarium is, since January 1947 in full running condition: Head is Dr D.F. van Slooten, botanists present are Dr M.A. Donk, Dr S. Blaembergen, A.G.L. Adelbert, and Dr J. Zaneveld. Of the Bulletin parts 3 and 4 of volume 17 have appeared resp. in Dec. 1947 and May 1948; the first number of vol. 18 is in the press. Duplicates and loans are dispatched, and exchange of collections is resumed. Flora of South Australia. – Mr J.M. Black wrote the first edition of his Flora in 4 parts issued 1922-1929. A second edition of the first part was edited in 1943, the type of part 2 has now been completely set up, and Mr Black is engaged in the revision of part 3. A remarkable achievement at his age: he celebrated his 92nd birthday on April 28th, 1947.