In addition to W.H. Brown’s works Dr Quisumbing has completed our knowledge of useful Philippine plants by the compilation of a big volume which contains a mine of information of over 1000 different species. Preceded by an introduction, the systematic sequence is adopted for families, genera and species. Each species is provided with a list of its synonyms, local names, a popular description, and a digestion of its phytochemical and medicinal literature. There is an appendix on miscellaneous economic algae, one on edible and poisonous fungi, one on Philippine plants reported to cause hayfever or asthma, some fungi causing skin disease, a list of cyanophoric plants, a bibliography of 630 articles and books, and several indices. This book is of great use to all students of Malaysian botany. Dr Quisumbing who wrote it mostly before the war is to be congratulated with its excellent production.