Flora Malesiana series i volume 9 instalment 1, pages 1-235, came from the press late in December 1979. This instalment contains three families: Araliaceae first part, Cyperaceae final part, and Liliaceae first part. The price is Dfl. 155, which equals c. US$ 78, post free. Orders can be placed with Sijthoff-Noordhoff, Box 4, Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands; inside the country the price is 18% higher because of Value Added Tax. W.R. PHILIPSON, Araliaceae — I (p. 1-105, fig. 1-39) deals with 118 species in 16 genera. The 17th, Schefflera, is still under study with D.G. Frodin, but is covered in the General Part, where a discussion is given on subdivision and generic delimitation; there are several reductions and exclusions. Novelties occur on p. 68, 87, 92. Gastonia spectabilis, the tallest araliad, attains 40 by 1¾ m.