On 15 June 2002, it will be the 300th anniversary of the death of the founder of Malesian botany, zoology, and geology, Georg Everhard Rumpf, better known as Rumphius (probably late 1627-1702). It seemed suitable to present a brief commemoration here. This being a botanical bulletin, I will mainly deal with the plants. Many articles and books even have been written about this remarkable man and the results of his exploits in the Moluccas, which have given him an everlasting place of honour in the history of natural science. He is the undisputed patriarch of Malesian botany, zoology, and geology. None has had such a wide and integrated knowledge of these sciences, and was also well-versed in pharmaceutical, architectural, juridical (local and Western), ethnological, linguistic, historical, and religious matters, including astrology and magic.