Adelbert, A.G.L. (1914-1972) After finishing his academical studies at the University of leyden, Loet, as he was known to his friends, revised several families for the preliminary version of Backer’s flora of Java. Then he proceeded to Java to work at Herbarium Bogoriense. Upon his repatriation he started to revise the genus Lycopodium for the Flora Malesiana (and as a thesis) but also became a teacher at The Hague, so that this work proceeded only slowly. He died at The Hague, suddenly and unexpectedly, at the age of 57, 26th March 1972. Barnett, Miss Euphemia Cowan She was formerly assistant of Dr. W.G. Craib and worked on Kerr’s Siamese collections; she wrote on Fagaceae and certain sympetalous families of the Flora of Siam. Miss E. Barnett wrote an obituary note in Nat.Hist.Bull.Siam Soc. 23 (1970) 577-578.