Walker, F.S.: The forests of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate. A new printing of this book, which never received a very wide distribution, appeared in 1962. It gives a general description of the vegetation, based on 18 months of survey and detailed notes on about 300 species collected by Walker and C.T. White. Useful for both botanist and forester. Copies cost Austr. £ 2.- (i.e. about 34 Sh. Sterling or US $ 4.50); enquiries should be addressed to the Chief Forestry Officer, P.O. Box 6, Honiara, British Solomon Islands. Mr. K. M. Kochummen of the Kepong Forest Research Institute has prepared field keys for all Malayan timber species mentioned in the Pocket Check List. The intention is to produce an enlarged revised edition (the present issue being out of print), but it is probable that the data will come out in the Forest Research Pamphlet series first.