On 25 and 26 June 2001 FRIM and PROSEA Country Office Malaysia organised a First National Workshop on Environmental Education (EE) in Forest Recreational Areas. The workshop was attended by 75 participants, most from municipalities and government agencies. The issue is actual because tourism is increasingly shifting towards eco- or nature tourism and Malaysia has a lot to offer in this respect. PROSEA Malaysia could contribute e.g. by institutionalising EE at all levels of education, including teachers training, providing teachers with support material for EE, bringing school and community closer by making them undertake EE activities together and providing basic environmental knowledge to all government agencies, private sectors, general public, and political parties. Mid 2001, Dr. E. Sukara, Deputy for Natural Sciences for Biology LIPI, succeeded Dr. A. Nontji as Chair of PROSEA’S National Steering Committee in Indonesia.