H.H. Allan, Flora of New Zealand. Vol. 1, 1961, liv + 1085 pp., 40 text figs., 4 end paper maps. Owen, Wellington. The author died in 1957; this volume, which contains the pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and dicots, was seen through the press by Lucy B. Moore. The book weighs no more than 560 grams, so thin the paper is. This will require very careful handling from the reader, but few books are worth it as much as this one. The improvement compared with Cheeseman’s Manual of the New Zealand Flora (1906) is enormous, and shows that the matter has been worked over completely. The introductory matter contains a record of literature on New Zealand Tracheophyta from year to year from 1769 onwards; an explanation of the New Zealand botanical region; a list of plant name authors with brief annotations; a synopsis of orders. Attached at the end are Latin diagnoses of new taxa, a glossary, a list of Maori plant names, and addenda.