ENDAU-ROMPIN: a Malaysian Heritage is the ‘coffee table’ book of the expedition (see Chapter XI). In over 200 pages and more than 400 photographs it documents in full colour the beauty of the rain forest, the findings of the expedition (including rare and new species), and why the area should be conserved for Malaysians and the World. Price including postage and packing US$ 30.00 or £ 16.00. European Newsletter of Southeast Asian Studies (ENSEAS) aims to facilitate communication between European scholars working in the field of Southeast Asian studies and presents an opportunity to keep one another informed on recent, on-going, and future activities. Brief reports may be reported as well as changes in staff. A bibliography will be included. It is intended to appear twice a year. The first two issues [vol. 1 (1) of November 1988] will be distributed free of charge. The fields covered in the first issue are mainly concerned with languages, culture, politics, history, ethnography, religion, archeology, architecture, etc. Hardly any biology. Information may be obtained from ENSEAS, c/o KITLV, POB 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands.