Since January 1991, Mr. J. KARTASUBRATA (BO) is the third General Editor, focusing on forestry aspects. He is based at the Network Office in 80. The other General Editors are Dr. P.C.M. JANSEN (botanical aspects) and Dr. E. WESTPHAL (agronomical aspects), both based at the Publication Office in WAG. On May 13-15, 1991, the Executive Board (Dr. A. SOEGIARTO, chairman, Dr. H.C. VAN DER PLAS, vice-chairman) met in WAG. Financial affairs were discussed and the first Board of Trustees meeting, scheduled for October 1991, was prepared. A contract between the PROSEA Foundation and PUDOC (Publisher, WAG) was signed. Copyrights and profits are equally shared by PROSEA and PUDOC. PUDOC is responsible for the hardbound edition of the handbook and the bibliographic database products, whereas PROSEA is responsible for the paperback editions (English and translations). PUDOC provides free of charge documentation facilities (e.g. CATALOG).