The cover design of this issue of the Flora Malesiana Bulletin follows the new corporate image of Flora Malesiana. Readers will recognize the style from the widely distributed Prospectus of Flora Malesiana and the new Directions for Authors. We are indebted to the department of Media Resources of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew for designing all these public manifestations of our research efforts. Gradually the machinery of Flora Malesiana is set in place and getting under steam. A beginning has been made with the proposed Checklist. This year will see the publishing of Series I, volume 11, issue 2, containing the families Rosaceae (18 genera/121 species), Amaryllidaceae (6/11), Alliaceae (2/8), Coriariaceae (1/2), Pentastemonaceae (1/2), and Stemonaceae (2/6). Of the first three families a number of cultivated species is mentioned also. Issue 3 is expected for 1994 and will contain the Sapindaceae (325 species). If people keep their promises, and it seems they will, 1994 will deliver a bumper crop with a number of small families and a few large ones such as the Loranthaceae (c. 200), Meliaceae (c. 170), Myristicaceae (c. 300), Oleaceae (c. 155), and Vitaceae (c. 130). It is not suiprising that the board of editors therefore has been increased to 5, while the desk editors will have to work overtime. For a report on progress see Chapters II, IX, and X.