Annonaceae. Mr. J. Sinclair had begun collecting details for tackling Malesian Annonaceae. He left several notebooks of notes made in various herbaria of examined specimens, several envelopes containing slips bearing identifications, and a thick file with manuscript. It is not possible to say whether the slips bear the names he accepted or the names under which the sheets are filed. These notes and MSS are stored in the Singapore Herbarium and these documents should be studied by anyone who will in future undertake the study of Annonaceae (H.M. Burkill in litt.). Apocynaceae. Prof. Dr. F. Markgraf, Zürich, who had to spend some time in arranging the scientific heritage of the late Dr. Stauffer, expressed that he can now finally devote himself to a revision of the Malesian Apocynaceae. He compiled the paper base and is revising the genera Leuconotis, Carissa, and Hunteria.