We offer apologies to our readers for the delays incurred with the production of this and the previous issue of the Flora Malesiana Bulletin. This is the last issue of the present volume (1992-1997) which is now composed of 8 parts. Time to reflect on some of the changes that were implemented and the constant elements that have persisted overthis period. At the second Flora Malesiana Symposium in Yogyakarta it was decided to publish an additional spring issue that would have the character of a newsletter, while the autumn issue was to have more extensive reports, papers and, of course, the bibliography. We feel that the latter persisting element is stiil the most important and lasting contribution to Malesian botany. Just by checking the 10 indices (the 11th will be available soon), one can rapidly obtain information on any Malesian taxon published in the past 50 years. Also for biographic purposes, collecting itineraries, and various research projects the Flora Malesiana Bulletins form a gold-mine.