In 1826 REINWARDT published in ”Sylloge Plantarum” &c, vol. 2, pp. 1-15 under the title ”Nova plantarum indicarum genera” an article containing descriptions of some Malaysian genera of phanerogams. Amongst them is described on pag 1: Angiopetalum punctatum Reinw. n.g.n.sp. from Java. Though assigned to the Myrsinaceae by DALIA TORRE & HARMS this genus has hitherto remained obscure, and has not even been mentioned by MIQUEL. However, there is a name Allopetalum punctatum REINW. mentioned by SCHEFFER (De Myrsin. 1967, 93) as a MS. name in the synonymy of Ardisia pumila BL., also mentioned by MEZ (Pfl. Reich 9 (1902) 171) for that plant, which is now commonly known as Labisia pumila (BL.) B. & H. The type specimens of Allopetalum punctatum REINW. at Leyden (sheets 908.133.- 614 and 903.255 – 190) are undoubtedly the type specimens of Angiopetalum punctatum REINW. The name under which this species was published differs from that found in REINWARDT’s handwriting hut this is of small significance. Many name-changes occur in the materials assembled by KUHL & VAN HASSELT, ZIPPEL, REINWAKDT (and BLUME) whose herbaria were left in BLUME’s care. On the type sheet of Orescia montana REINW. in the same paper of REINWARDT’s I found on the labels the following MS. names: Lysimachia montana BL., Phaemeria montana, Rumeria montana and Lysimachia cuspidata BL, an embarrassing choice from which only the last one has been validly published. In the case of Angiopetalum, REINWARDT who had probably the herbarium not at his disposal copied the name from MS. notes, the herbarium being with BLUME either in Java or at Brussels. Later he hardly paid any attention to phytography or nomenclature.