Bryophyta. The new collections built up during the last years under the supervision of Prof. R. van der Wijk, Groningen, have now all been arranged and provisionally been identified by him and his collaborator Mr Margadant. Revisional work has started. Pteridophyta. A most important collaboration, anticipated for years, is that of doctors Holttum, Kew, and Alston, London, who have now definitely agreed in compiling the series II of the Flora Malesiana containing the account of the Pteridophyta. Dr Alston spent a year (Oct. 1955-Oct. 1954) in Indonesia on the invitation of the Indonesian Government. Dr Holttum has finished his large work on the ferns of Malaya; he is now finishing off an account of the bamboos of Malaya and will then set definitely to the study of Malaysian Pteridophytes. Some limited families will be worked out by both specialists as a sample.