Flora of Java. The translation of Backer’s Flora of Java into English is steadily progressing. Dr Bakhuizen van den Brink Jr has been responsible for finishing the Monocotyledonous families Palmae, Araceae, and Scitamineae and Mr Monod de Froideville has practically finished, the last family left, Gramineae. Dr Bakhuizen is further trying to scan the nomenclature. It is expected that the printed English version will not be available before 1962. Malaysian Vegetation. The MS of this work which will occupy volume 2 of the Flora Malesiana is steadily progressing and more than halfway completed. It has been found useful to insert in some chapters artificial keys to characteristic species for the types, for example in the Sea-grasses, Pescaprae, Barringtonia, Mangrove, and Aquatic formations. It is hoped that printing can be started in 1960.