In Flora Malesiana Bulletin No 8, 197-231, appeared a report on the changes in the international rules of botanical nomenclature made by the 7th Int. Bot. Congress at Stockholm (1950). Dr D.P. Rogers and Dr G.W. Martin, both members of the ad hoc Committee found some inaccuracies regarding the nomenclature of Fungi. They write: ”The multigraphed report of the Special Committee for Fungi contained numerous errors, which, because copies were furnished us very late, could not be corrected before distribution”. They are in favour of the following corrections: Rec. VIII. First sentence; after ”-phyta” insert ”(for Fungi, -mycota)”. Third sentence; after ”phytina” insert ”(for Fungi, -mycotina)”. Line ”1” under ”(b)”: delete ”(or autotrophic Thallophyta generally)”. Line ”2” under ”(b)”; delete; ’(or heterotrophic Thallophyta generally)”. ”Mycophyta”, in the examples of names of divisions, must be changed. Art. 20. (p. 225 of the F.M.B.): for ”Dec. 31, 1821” substitute ”Jan. 1, 1821”; for ”Jan. 1, 1801” substitute ”Dec. 31, 1801” (Art. 20) (e).