Sinar Pasoh is the name of an annual Newsletter of the research centre in Pasoh Forest, Malaya (see pages 3394-3395). Number 2 (February 1980) has 30 pages. It describes facilities, work done, with a useful literature list (total by now 110 items) and invites research plans. Contact Mohd. Gharali, PPPPasoh, Simpang Pertang, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia. The newsletter itself is distributed free of charge by the Director, Forest Research Institute, Kepong, Selangor, Malaysia. Mangrove Mapping is a joint project with Queensland Fisheries Service, to be carried out by R. Dowling and J.A. Elsol (BRI). Currently a technical bulletin it is being prepared to go with maps of the mangroves of Moreton Bay which have already been printed. A paper on the mangroves of Princess Charlotte Bay was presented at the Mangrove Symposium in Port Moresby by J.A. Elsol and P. Saenger.