Brunei Checklist Project — Mr. A. DAVIES started on 1 January 1994 at K. His main priority is to name specimens, edit the taxon list, and bring ‘neglected’ groups up to the standard of worked-up groups. Following an introductory period with Mr. L.L. FORMAN he began on Ficus and Myrtaceae, both of which were completed. He then collaborated with Mr. P. BYGRAVE on the Melastomataceae, and embarked on the Rubiaceae. Some statistics: c. 33% of all Bornean Syzygium species occur in Brunei; there are c. 70 species of Ficus. Shell Brunei is interested in using the Data Base to help with environmental impact work. A subset of specimen records (c. 4000 numbers) will be used in conjunction with geology maps, GIS, etc. to produce digitized maps. Mr. D.W. KIRKUP (K) has a list of software packages designed for this type of project. Overall it seems that Shell Brunei is keen to maintain the image of a ‘green’ organization with projects to rehabilitate disused inland oil drilling sites, etc.