Adams, C.D.: Flowering Plants of Jamaica. Univ. West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. 1972, 848 pp. 80. Robert Mac Lehose & Co.Ltd. 15, Faulis Street, Anniesland, Glasgow W3, England. £ 5. A most welcome concise Flora containing 996 genera and 2888 spp. of native and fully naturalized plants. Another 350 common in cultivation are included but taken no further than a key-entry. There are descriptions of families but not of genera and a very restricted synonymy (index contains 6500 names). Within the families full keys to genera and to species. Each specific description (2-4 lines) is followed by good notes on habitat and citation of collections. The introductory chapters are brief but nevertheless they contain interesting data. Only 4 genera are endemic, but 784 spp. (27%) are all assumed neo-endemics. It is pleasing that the author takes a conservative view on generic and family circumscription. There is also an index to common names. There is no general key to Jamaican plants and one must know the family name to identify genus and species. The work crowns the endeavour of 13 years hard work, with assistance of various kind, above all by Dr. G.R. Proctor and R.W. Read. Our warm congratulations with this most useful, obviously critical and up-to-date work, offered to the public at a ridiculously modest price from the view of modern standards. —v.St.