Atlas Indonesia, by I Made SANDY, 2nd ed., 44 pl., format 30 by 30 cm. (1976). Published by Dwidjendra, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Rp. 6000, equals + US$ 15.00. The whole country is covered by 24 maps, which give altitudes in zones 0-100-400-1000-1500-3000-4000 m. The maps give the provinces (e.g. in Sumatra: Aceh, S. Utara, S. Barat, Lampung, S. Selatan + Bengkulu, Jambi, in this not very obvious order, also note that Aceh lies N of N Sumatra, Lampung S of S Sumatra). The provinces are surrounded by white, most cumbersome when frontier areas like Kerinci are to be studied. Districts (kabupaten) are clearly indicated.