Flora of Java. In May 1961 the English translation of this great work was completed, except for the Bambusaceae which Mr Ch. Monod de Froideville is engaged in writing up. Dr. R.C. Bakhuizen van den Brink Jr has finished the nomenclatural polishing. It is hoped that this voluminous work can be published in 1962. The main body was written by Dr. C.A. Backer, who for many families had the assistance of specialists. Forest Botany in North Borneo. Dr. W. Meijer of Sandakan has prepared a mimeographed report under this title, April 1961, 33 pp. He describes summarily the present state of our knowledge, gives particulars about botanical work in North Borneo up till the present, a survey of dipterocarp genera, a tentative list of climbers (a much neglected group!), of palms, gymnosperms, a sketch of forest types, and notes on several related subjects.